Below are some of the most common questions we receive. If your query is not answered here, please feel free to contact us by telephone or email and we will be happy to provide you with the relevant information.

Are there extra charges that we add to our customers e.g. car park fees, tolls etc.?

No. The price you are quoted is fully inclusive of any toll charges, car park, VAT etc.

If our plane is delayed will you still be there to collect us?

When you book with us we ask for a return flight number, so that we can monitor the incoming flight and alter our expected arrival time accordingly.

Do we have to pay a deposit to secure a booking?

In most cases we would ask for a deposit. In a few cases we will ask for the whole amount to be paid in advance.

How do we pay a deposit?

At the time of booking we will tell you how much is required to secure your reservation. If your booking is made by telephone then you can either pay by cash, card payments or BACS. If you use our online quotation and booking service then either by debit/credit card or PayPal.

Can we get our deposit back if we cancel our booking?

Only in exceptional circumstances would your deposit be refundable.

How and when do we pay the outstanding amount?

You can pay the driver on collection by the following methods: Cash – Cheque – a cheque guarantee card is required.
Payment can be made either in advance, or at the end of any journey that you make with us. On some occasions we will require full payment at the end of the first journey.

Can we get a online quotation and booking?

Yes. Please click on the Quotations and Bookings menu item on the left hand side and complete quotation request form. We will then send you a personalised quote tailored to your exact travel requirements.

Do we get a written confirmation of a booking?

Yes we will send one either by post or email.

Will it be the same driver collecting us who took us to our destination?

Yes – in most cases we always try and use the same driver.

Can we contact the driver?

Yes – you will be given a driver contact mobile number when you are dropped off, or if it’s a one way trip then we will give you this when you book with us. This allows you to talk directly with your driver rather than having to pass messages through a call centre.

We are an individual or group arriving at Stansted and need to get to a local venue, do you do this sort of job or do I need to get an airport taxi?

Yes we do, we would need a contact name and their mobile number. Our driver will come in to the terminal and hold a sign with that name on it. You will also be given a mobile number, so, in the unlikely event of a problem, you can contact the driver directly. We would however need full payment in advance.

Are you in contact with your drivers at all times?

Yes all our vehicle have 2 way radios fitted, and all drivers have a company mobile phone which fits in to a hands free car kit in the vehicle.

Do you provide child or booster seats?

No we do not supplies these, but are happy for you to use your own. We are willing to store them for you and bring them back for your return journey.